11Apr 2013

This is our view about how Startups and us as individuals or entity need to work together and make the world a better place to live in.
Socentix is just not an idea! a Startup nor its not only a product, interact with its users. Its all about us! its all about humanity and human spirit. The spirit to do good!
Like we all knew Startups have become the darling children of the world, it seems. Aspiring Mark Zuckerbergs and all others startups “rock stars” eager to launch the next big thing.
At Socentix, we are not only starting! its an extension in what we do exactly in our Green Fund (Darmawan Green Fund). Using The SRI-Kehati Index which was launched in Jakarta on 8th June 2009 by the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation, KEHATI to be our Investment modelling and the base to craft our Capital Market Investments portfolio. This Index is supported by the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) and is the first in South East Asia to track the performance of Indonesian Corporate Champions in socially and environmentally sustainable business.
The Index provides information to companies and investors about the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of companies listed on IDX. The research to set the reference and benchmark of the SRI-KEHATI Index is led by OWW Consulting, a leading specialist in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) based in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
Socially Responsible Investment is an increasingly important investment style which focuses the ESG performance of companies as well as their financial performance. Integration of best practices in ESG into the selection of companies for investment portfolios is considered by many investors to reduce the performance risk for their investment.
Indonesian and international investors who focus on SRI now have a tool to select companies which are in line with their own investment policies. With Socentix we make “Fund Managers” become more disruptive by adding an internet based Business Intelligence to do the profiling, monitoring and reporting for their asset portfolio based on the index. Better more we make an Extranet add-on in order to channel their profits to support any registered “Social Entrepreneurship Program”. From SRI-to-PRI (Program Related Investments) by working with all stakeholders in more Responsible Market Capitalism.
This rising entrepreneurial tide is having an impact on all sectors. This what we are aware of at Socentix. We do see large problems that need to be fixed, and often, we do see little faith in incumbent institutions’ ability to solve them as well. In an attempt to change the world, these aspiring entrepreneurs tagged “Social Entrepreneurs” and us within are choosing to launch new ventures, for profit and non-profit, that embrace transparency, agility and innovation. We share the same vision and that’s what we are at Socentix. Using our Startups as our Corporate Social Responsability Program of Darmawan Green Fund thriving our first mission making business more responsible socially and environmentally.
No single company, non-profit or individual can solve the problems facing humanity, however. It will take leadership from all directions, converging on the social impact sector. To that end, us, social entrepreneurs are pioneering a new wave of funding and socially minded companies. And at Socentix we make it “Sustainable”.
What differentiates social entrepreneurs from other entrepreneurs? We do have a focus on solving social problems and a greater willingness to reinvest our profits into the communities we serve. That’s also how we define ourselves. In constant payback to our People and Planet by making our profit passing through it! share it and make the benefits for all!
Some choose the traditional non-profit structure; others elect established, for-profit models; still others are embracing corporate structures, such as benefit corporations in the United States of America and low-profit limited liability companies (L3C) as well. No matter the structure, all of us seek to deliver value to the marketplace while simultaneously solving community problems.
And at Socetix we make possible for any “legal structure” doing business for Good! and “sustain ! by doing IT!”.
Lets rock @socentix guys!

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