What is Impact Investments?

Impact Investments encompass several types of initiatives and business models. In general, this segment includes institutions that combine financial returns (with or without profit for its shareholders) with the goal of solving social and environmental challenges. Some popular areas targeted by such investments include housing, healthcare, education, microfinance services, low income technologies, sustainable agriculture and alternative energy.

There are enterprises whose business model intrinsically measures and targets social and environmental impact and whose mission is to solve a problem through a market solution. Socentix adopts a fairly broad perspective, considering a broad range of types of businesses as being valid for an initial evaluation in our platform. In this database, different business models can be measured and have their impact compared with other companies in the Indonesian market. As shown in the chart below, the social impact of a company can be assessed through its processes, or by the results obtained directly by offering products / services.


What benefits to companies which uses Socentix’s services?

Companies listed on Socentix obtain substantial exposure to national and international investors, Socentix facilitates the fund raising process. Besides gaining access to Socentix’s network of partners, the information gathering process in itself can also help companies with their own internal organization and in assessing themselves. Moreover, companies may benefit from the various auxiliary services offered by Socentix.