Impact Database

One of the great difficulties that researchers and investors face while exploring the market of impact investments in Indonesia is the low information about what is the benefit if we invest our money in green investment. And also what the impact for the world, especially in Indonesia after we invest the money. Not all of Indonesian citizen do care about green, because these days Indonesian citizen are busy to think of about their financial problem itself. The rest of Indonesian citizen are poor, so they even don’t think about green at all. That’s why it is not very easy to invest our money in green investment.

The Impact Database (ID) contains selected information about an extensive list of companies that want to restore the world from the global warming by green investments in Indonesia. All candidates who have completed the preliminary assessment of Socentix are displayed in ID to the open public, as well as a sample of their information and results, which adds value to the understanding of this market. The information ​​available has the previous permission of  companies to be online and also have the date of it’s last update by Socentix.