Socentix is the first sustainable investment business platform in Indonesia. Registered by the United Nations Sustainable Development Knowledge Database. Our company tends to appeal our emotions, exploit our opportunities, and pander our consciousness as a global village citizen. How could we saved the planet and make this world a better place to live for all. It places a more global willingness rather then a political agenda in front of all. Our company wants to give you opportunities to know how to run a business in the field of Green investments.

What we need to be a green investor is a new perspective on how we should invest together, earn money that we deserve and make others who needs favor for their living condition profit from it and empower them towards better standards. It keeps track of the latest software tools, social networks and web application can be used to do the research, stay organized and be more productive.

One of the greatest barriers for investments in impact businesses is the inexistence of marketplace where companies and investors can find each other, which further increases the transaction costs for investors to finance such opportunities. The other main challenge is difficult for investors to understand the expected environmental and social returns of an enterprise. For such reasons, these businesses, even when financially viable, are not presently well served by traditional sources of capital.

Hence, Socentix’s goal is to increase the capital flow to high impact enterprises by providing a marketplace for the investment opportunities. This investment absolutely help us to save our world from climate change in global warming case. Socentix provides key financial and operational information on companies profiled, which are pre-screened and reviewed by an internal Investment Committee using recognized methodologies and standards, allowing investors to reduce the time needed to identify such impact opportunities and to mitigate the risk.

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