The Socentix Story

Socentix is currently the one and only platform for green and socially-responsible investment in Indonesia. Socentix stands for Social Entrepreneurship Investment Exchange.

In this country some number of Startups have been launched with the help of a business incubator, venture capital companies or even some angel investors. Some Startups just lucky enough to have traction already or its part of their strategic partnership with any parent or related companies to get the funding and most of all the business network. Some Startup born from their endorser CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) Program like Socentix of Darmawan Green Fund.  Founder Institute is “the program” designed to help an individual or jointly as co-founder willing to establish a Startup with an idea for a business through the most vulnerable stages of developing the product and the company as well. It can be as comprehensive as taking an idea and working it through all the phases necessary to take a final product to market.

When David Darmawan, the Founder & CEO of Socentix decided to start entering the program, all start with the online test based on “Silicon Valley” criteria wether your DNA entrepreneurial enough or not? all he had going for him was the skill to create recipes that “wowed”  my apps users in several corporate settings were he worked as a “green” hedge fund manager. He knew nothing about formulating a software product based on the Internet technology, especially. He was completely blind about social media,  and he just may getting “my apps” on the shelves on the major software developer and still need to be locally adjusted and believe him its not only time consuming  but we may can’t afford to work out the cost and the impact will be less disruptive. He had some great recipes and a dream to create a technology company to support his endeavor in Green economy. By investing in a Socially Responsible manner. And “my apps” that his  Startup developing is all about its profiling, monitoring and reporting it. But yet he didn’t understand where to start and the “cost” will get higher and higher as long as you don’t be in the market first. And most of all, even tough the market is a captive one, you still need to humbled yourself to understand the “secret sauces” for a “killer-apps”.

We built almost everything from scratch and the Institute provide you with all the tools online/offline, courses, workshop, networking event and last but not least my favorite  is a period where after you managed not to get drop outed from the program by not only doing assignments or attending classes or your work group meeting, there is a period that we called mentor idea progress review, where mentors will give you points and their judgement along with the Institute directors to let you continue with your idea or not and yet they will tell you how to make it better.

This particular “Program” offered all the components necessary to launch a successful and meaningful Technology Startup. It allows experts in the industry to offer real time advice to “green horns” with big dreams and steer us in the right direction. You will listen from the Industry best of Indonesia.

There is typically an intensive period of time investment that takes place for the entepreneur as he or she get down to the brass tacks of making the business a reality. However, it’s worth the push to someone serious about launching a Technology Startup to be in the program such as in the “Founder Institute”. Once of the big advantages of using Founder Institute is the industry contacts and potential for being introduced to investors or co-investors.